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    1 Automotive aftermarket industry trends: video advertising

    2 Auto parts sales growth to continue double-digit growth on Amazon, eBay

    3 Wholesale auto parts sales at risk from collision avoidance technology; opportunities to gain from eCommerce

    4 Walmart, M&A and BOPIS are key automotive trends to watch in 2020

    5 Aftermarket trends include video and easy to use websites

    6 Future aftermarket industry trends include use of APIs, artificial intelligence

    7 Site search and speed: two predictions for automotive eCommerce

    8 Future of the automotive industry wrap up

    Aftermarket trends include video and easy to use websites

    Chris Fellows, Director of Internet Solutions, Direct Communications, Inc. (DCi)

    Chris has been in the aftermarket industry for several decades. As DCi’s Director of Internet Solutions, he has a unique position to see how automotive eCommerce sales grow. He also sees how product data influences sales, and other automotive aftermarket industry trends. Here’s his outlook for the future of the automotive industry:

    “A good looking website is usually one of the first criteria someone is looking for. But if it doesn’t function, it doesn’t matter. I use Rock Auto as an example. It’s stupid-simple, and to the eye, one of the most boring sites out there. But does it work?! I think people should invest more time in function, rather than look. I’ve had my wife, who knows very little about automotive, try to find parts on websites I’ve worked on. If she has a hard time, she’s been my gauge to make it easier. You shouldn’t need to be an expert to find parts on your website.

    “I think the next big thing to come is more video content. With cell phones changing the way of business, faster speeds and new software made buffering seem like a thing of the past. More people watch videos, rather than read text. Installation, features, sound; whatever you can do to better capture the audience to describe the product, the more engaged the customer will be.

    “I don’t think it will wipe out year/make/model or decent description data, as I think you’ll always need that. But in my opinion, this will be the next push for manufacturers to offer this data. This is in addition to the other standard data that are being asked for.”

    Future aftermarket industry trends include use of APIs, artificial intelligence

    Tracie Nunez, President, Custom Automotive Network (formerly PWA)

    Trace runs the trade association that represents aftermarket distributors and manufacturers. She has decades of experience in the industry. She has been a manufacturer and now is the head of one of our industry’s most important associations. Here’s her take on the future of the automotive aftermarket industry:

    “For 49 years, the Custom Automotive Network association has been focused on automotive aftermarket supply channel issues. In 2020, we see many members, distributors and manufacturers, implementing and integrating more business-to-business (B2B) solutions.

    “Specifically, real-time inventory, API integrations and customizable exports for pricing and data are becoming standard expectations when dealing with a business partner. The use of artificial intelligence solutions to automate and standardize daily business activity will see an even larger adoption rate as well, across all our members.”


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