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    1 Automotive aftermarket industry trends: video advertising

    2 Auto parts sales growth to continue double-digit growth on Amazon, eBay

    3 Wholesale auto parts sales at risk from collision avoidance technology; opportunities to gain from eCommerce

    4 Walmart, M&A and BOPIS are key automotive trends to watch in 2020

    5 Aftermarket trends include video and easy to use websites

    6 Future aftermarket industry trends include use of APIs, artificial intelligence

    7 Site search and speed: two predictions for automotive eCommerce

    8 Future of the automotive industry wrap up

    Site search and speed: two predictions for automotive eCommerce

    Dana Nevins, President, Web Shop Manager

    Dana’s company has been one of the leading auto parts eCommerce platforms for the aftermarket since the 1990s. Dana’s a “car guy,” too, so he understands eCommerce and automotive industry trends from the perspective as a customer.

    Page Speed – ECommerce as a whole will take a shift, if Google begins to enforce its page speed ‘badges’ that determine if a site is slow or not. If they do enforce this, then we have a high likelihood of websites going full swing into high-performance optimization above all else.


    “But all businesses that sell in the eCommerce market will need to know what that really means. Less fancy sites, fewer images, less text, etc. Just a ‘to the point’ kind of shopping experience. Very much like all other major eCommerce. My first prediction then, will be that image-heavy sites are on the way out, and very minimalistic sales sites are on the way in. Google will make it very scary to lose that number one spot, so overkill to their rating system will be what people aim for.


    Site Search – More and more people are turning to the search box within a site to do the work for them when it comes to finding the right product on a site. They’re looking for highly relevant results returned in an instant. Effectively, the right search can eliminate steps and uncertainty in the shopping experience, and everyone has heard the adage ‘Fewer Clicks, Higher Conversions’.

    “Predictive search is no longer just matching results based on the characters you are typing, consumers expect the search to recommend items based on context and behavior. My second prediction is that your native platform site search will no longer adequate for the fickle consumer. Larger sites are going with dedicated search platforms that specialize in taking site search to the next level and our clients have seen notable improvements in their conversion rates from these enhanced systems. Additionally, we already know that low bounce rates can improve Google rankings so adding an upgraded site search tool can drive sales and Google rankings in 2020.”


    Future of the automotive industry wrap up

    There you have it! Some of the brightest minds in the automotive aftermarket eCommerce space giving their views of the future. What do you think of these predictions and forecasts for 2020? 


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