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The proposal of "One Belt One Road" has provided direction and policy support for more Chinese enterprises to go out and reach a larger international stage. Chinese enterprises are looking for new opportunities in the countries along the belt and road, and many overseas related enterprises have also taken this opportunity to expand their business development space.

CXJ Group is an enterprise with an international vision. As its main product, the super-clean fuel series not only conform to the national policy of China's sustainable development, but also conforms to the general trend of global energy conservation and environmental protection. The automotive aftermarket that the Group focuses on has great development potential, which is the focus of domestic and foreign related enterprises, as well as one of the focus areas of domestic and foreign capital. Within the area of "One Belt One Road", some Asian countries became the first partners of the Group stepping into the international market because of their geographical and policy advantages. Southwest China is adjacent to Southeast Asian countries, which provides convenient transportation for investment and development. In addition, the preferential policies for investment in Southeast Asia are increasingly improved, and its cultural exchanges with China are frequent, and economic and trade exchanges therebetween are convenient. At present, CXJ Group has conducted in-depth communication with many enterprises in South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries on cooperation issues, and specific cooperation projects are in progress.

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